MamaActive are specialists in pelvic floor and abdominal reconnection and restoration after childbirth. We are able to create a unique, bespoke programme like no other! We offer detailed, deep screening sessions on all aspects of your pregnancy, birth and beyond. We will look at key areas of support including:

  • How to re-strengthen your pelvic floor and core after pregnancy and childbirth

  • How to eradicate stubborn ‘poochytummy' and diastasis (abdominal separation)

  • Exercises to correct and prevent pelvic floor dysfunctions such as incontinence and mild prolapses

  • Postural pains and realignments

  • General fitness goals and weight loss such as returning to high impact exercise or strength training

Get your body feeling healthy, happier, pain free and strong again after child birth. Our unique training programme is designed to meet your individual needs, whether it is strength or cardio based, MamaActive offer safe and effective solutions. 

Personal sessions can either take place in your own home with or without baby present.

£25 P/H


These one off sessions last approx 75 minutes. If you have had a baby and unsure of your recovery and needs some direction to safely reintroduce exercise.

We will focus on diagnosis and assessment augmented with a small range of restorative exercises for you to take away. Assessment can be either done at your home or in my studio.

  •  Areas of pain or tension, practicing release strategies and   relaxation techniques

  •  Deep screening, discussing all areas of pelvic health. We will identify areas of pain or weaknesses and potential symptoms that may need referrals.

  • Cover topics including: Diastasis, Incontinence, Mild prolapse, SPD, Posture, Pelvic  pain,  C-section recovery .

  • COST £35


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