Buggyfit is an outdoor exercise class devised for postnatal Mums allowing them to bring their babies in the pram or buggy.  After having a baby, life appears to absorb all your time with 'baby activities', and clinic visits; but studies show that taking time out for yourself, especially to exercise, is fantastic not only for your fitness levels but mental state too, reliving stress, improving stamina and making for a happier Mum.  Buggyfit comes with the added bonus of exercising with like- minded Women enabling you to make new friends and benefit from the social fun these classes bring.


The social and mental benefits are of course not the only focus at a buggyfit class.  All buggyfit trainers are fully qualified and insured fitness professionals, who understand what a new Mum's body has been through and know what training is needed at each postnatal stage.  The Trainers also ensure each Mum gets an appropriate workout to suit her fitness level, be it, back to fitness from a fit pre pregnancy or starting from scratch.  


Buggyfit classes incorporate cardio vascular and fat-burning exercises with strength training and toning, concentrating on the specific areas that need work after childbirth.  The great thing is that this mix produces maximum results for each class members as it not only tones those problem areas but helps to raise the metabolic rate and aid in weight loss too.

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