This popular class is based in Lowestoft and surrounding areas

There are very few classes that are specifically designed for postnatal mums and provides a positive focus on a mothers rehabilitation after birth. This is why this course is unique and can SAFELY be started as early as 6 weeks after birth (10-12 weeks c-section). It offers a highly effective programme that gets you feeling like you again, using gentle movement to encourage strength and tone enhancing good posture. Supported with great core and pelvic floor work recovery element.

This class is great for:

*C-section recovery

*Exercise and not worry about childcare
*Back pain/ poor posture
*Stubborn mummy pouch
*Pelvic floor issues  eradicate incontinence/ prolapse
*Abdominal separation
*Generally want to get active again the right way
*Muscle weakness

*Help with depression and anxiety

If you have any symptoms do not ignore them and exercising incorrectly can make these worse. All the points above can be eradicated or dramatically improved through this type of programme and has proven to deliver some great results. I am an advanced postnatal instructor who will get to know your individual needs. This isn't one class suits all......This is your journey

This course works with all the above with some great results  (see 5* reviews on FB). You may want to get back in shape and be active again, tone up and feel good. This platform will provide you the education and the tools to do this safely.
Meet other mums and babies welcome (up to pre-walking)
Limited numbers to the class due to individuals specific needs.


This course includes a BONUS home workout plan, private facebook page with extra workouts, post natal aftercare and nutrition education packs

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