Q- When can you start postnatal classes?
A- You can start as early as 6 weeks post birth and 8 week post c-section.
Q- Can I bring my toddler to class?
A- For health and safety it is prefered babies can come up to pre walking. 
Q- Can I exercise while holding my baby?
A- Unfortunately not! There is no fitness insurance company in this country that allows you to do this. But of course mother can settle or nurse baby when needed.
Q- What do I need to wear to the classes?
A- Comfortable clothes with stretch, to enable you to move freely. Trainers are recommended to to protect your joints due to relaxin hormone still present in body. 
Q- I had my baby 2 years ago but have been struggling with incontinence would I be able to come to class?
A- Of course! It doesn't matter when you had your children, if your feel you may have diastasis, weak core or incontinence you can attend the 6 week postnatal programme.
Q- What if I miss a class?
Unfortunately classes are non-refundable if you miss a session. Please bear this in mind when you sign up to attend a six week term.
Q- Do I need to do anything before the start of the programme?
A- Yes I will send out to you a pre-screen health questionnaire, this covers your pregnancy, birth and how you are feeling and any discomfort since having baby. 
Q- Do I need to pay a deposit?
A- The class is paid upfront, on the payment page you purchase the class you want and make full payment. You have up to a week prior to the start date to cancel for full refund.
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