Recovery and healing from a caesarean birth is a self care package of rest, nutrition, core rehabilitation, movement and most importantly massage. Not many people are aware of this as once leaving hospital aftercare advice is minimal.

As wounds heal scar tissue is formed, a scar can become tight and restricted internally within the body. We call these adhesions and these not always localised to the scar area. They can expand and attach to organs and muscles in all different directions. Colon, ovaries, bladder and uterus are some of the organs that can be affected. Unfortunately this type of surgery can also cause trauma to the muscles, fascia, blood vessels and nerves. Symptoms you may experience after having abdominal surgery or c-sections are:

  • Scar pain

  • Poor sensation

  • Sense of restriction in daily movement or exercise

  • Frequent urination

  • Pelvic organ dysfunction

  • Pulling, trapped or twinge sensations

  • Muscle tightness in areas of the body

  • Discomfort in back/pelvis

  • Appearance of overhang or thickened skin

  • Poor posture


The benefit of scar massage is that it encourages blood flow, oxygen, nutrients and hydration to the area. Massage also creates a lymphatic drainage away from wound site. It is highly beneficial to mobilise scar once completely healed and free from infection. I would recommend treatment no earlier 10 weeks post birth but is still highly beneficial years after surgery.

Initial appointment lasts 90 minutes - £55

Follow up appointments 60mins - £40

Several sessions recommended, enabling us to work into the deeper layers.

A bespoke package will be created for your individual needs at the initial appointment. This will consist of

  • All over body massage and soft tissue release work

  • Manual Scar massage and mobilization work

  • Breathing assessment and diaphragm function

  • Diastasis and posture check

  • Exercise and nutrition advise for optimal recovery

  • Learn how to massage yourself to promote healing and improve appearance of the scar area



 75 mins - £40


MamaMassage offers soothing but also result based therapy session for mother to be.

During this life phase massage can provide beautiful restorative work on a woman to help prepare the body for birth.  Allow yourself and your baby to be nurtured during this sometimes stressful yet joyous time. The power of touch offers great relief from the discomfort that comes with the physiological changes with pregnancy. This session gives mother to be time to relax and unwind.

This treatment is a beneficial, effective and has a holistic approach for the many adjustments that is to come in motherhood. By using soft tissue techniques we can go deeper than a Swedish massage and tailor the sessions to you.

Pregnancy massage improves:

*Upper or lower back pain

*Pelvic pain/ Sciatica

*Ease stress and improve mood

*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

*Swelling in legs and ankles

*Neck and shoulder pain

*Reduction in anxiety and stress

This bespoke treatment takes place in your own home where you and can feel comfortable. As a Certified Pregnancy therapist I will tailor the pregnancy treatment to your specific needs, whether that is for relaxation, reducing stress or addressing pain and tightness within the body.

 In each session I can also offer:


*Assisted tool massage

*Show self care tips for pain and discomforts

*Getting baby in the best position for birth

*Postural assessment

*Discuss recovery and aftercare post birth

It is advised to seek midwife or doctors approval before starting any therapy. Pregnancy massages can take place from 12 weeks gestation onwards.

Electronic pre-screening and consent form will be carried out prior to appointment



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